About me

I am a Graphic Designer currently living and working in Edinburgh. My work has spanned identity design, animation, photography and sound composition. As a designer, my goal is always to use my skills to produce effective, clear and memorable design.

In July 2016 I graduated from Gray's School of Art in Aberdeen with a 1st class honours degree in Communication Design. Since leaving art school I have been working as the in-house designer for Warehouse 19 Investments. W19 is a brand which owns and operates 21 businesses across the UK, some with multiple units of their own. As the in-house designer I manage the branding, marketing and interior design concepts behind all the units. I have always had a passion for identity design and the design of elements surrounding identity. My role allows me to get to the heart of what makes a business work and allowing their identity and branding to communicate and celebrate what makes that business unique.

My passions outside of design have also fed into my design work. My interest in science was what lead me to produce the Carbon Magazine project and my interest in hill walking is what started a project called Soundscape.

Aside from my full time job with W19 I also take on freelance work, primarily logo design. If you have a project that you would like some help with then please get in touch with me at stewart@macdesign.biz