Amp Ropes are an enterprising young company dedicated to producing the best climbing ropes in the world. 

Amp Ropes was founded by Shaun Frew, a biological engineer based in Glasgow. Shaun is a highly accomplished climber and has set out to combine his passion with his profession. 

The central idea behind Amp Ropes is to create a new climbing rope which uses spider silk as its core. Spiders silk is one of the strongest natural materials that has been discovered and will significantly improve the performance of the rope over time.

The brand identity that was created for Amp Ropes focuses on communicating the strength and durability of the product while also referencing the similarity between the web pattern and the way climbers spread out to secure themselves against the wall. 


Naming the product was another central part of the brand identity. The name Amp Ropes references the spider silk itself as well as referencing what the spider silk actually does within the product. 


Amp as a shortening of Amplify

To make larger, greater, or stronger


Amp as a shortening of Ampullate

Dragline silk—used for the web’s outer rim and spokes and the lifeline.