Down House was the home of Charles Darwin, the scientist who developed the theory of Evolution by means of Natural Selection. The House itself is a classical English manor with substantial gardens and is a popular tourist destination for people of all ages celebrating the life and work of a man who’s theory changes the way we think about nature and our place in it.

My role was to design a campaign for a new event which will be run at the house. The event is a short guided walk round Darwin’s ‘Thinking Path’. The path was build by Darwin as a space for him to mull over problems as he walked. The charming element to the path is that he started each walk by placing a row of stones at the beginning of the path, he would then kick away a stones each time he passed in order that he could remember how many times he had been round the circuit. Darwin even recorded the difficulty of each problem based on how many circuits were required before he could solve it.

Based on this story I designed a poster campaign to advertise the guided walks that English Heritage run daily around the ‘Thinking Path’.  My design is based on the strapline “Every great journey starts with a single step”. This strapline exemplifies the mentality of a scientist and Darwin in particular. The photography was also composed to reference how Darwin used the path.