For this project I was asked by Elevator to produce a typographic poster based on a quote from none other than the late, great, Steve Jobs.

At the core of all of Elevator’s activities is the desire to recycle wealth into the communities in which it operates, and create economic development opportunities, creating jobs and new businesses, boosting the economy. Elevator is a social enterprise that supports enterprise activities, entrepreneurship and employability. 

The brief was to create an inspirational poster which relied upon manipulation of the letterforms to communicate their meaning. My design was to use of the Elevator brand colour and typefaces so as to be in keeping with their overall style. This was my first experience of being restricted in the design elements I use, however the experience proved to be very constructive in the ongoing development of my design process.
































































Clickshare Instructions brief

After completing the poster project I was asked by Elevator to re-design the instructions for their Clickshare software. Clickshare allows users to show their laptop screen on the numerous large screens in Elevator. The instructions supplied by Clickshare, while functional, did not fit with the visual brand that the Elevator space had created. My brief was to re-design the instructions using the Elevator brand  guidelines. The outcome of the project is functional and in keeping with the brand style within the Elevator space.