Never Punch the Client is a small project that was designed as an advice booklet for students who are looking to find short term industry placements. As I came to the end of my time at art school I began to reflect on the influence that my placements had had on my creative process and my views on design. I wanted to leave some kind of tangible record of my experiences that could help other students to have similar experiences in industry. 


The design of the booklet is such that every element of it was drawn by myself, this was in order to communicate that the content is all from my hand and my experience. The content explores how placements can differ greatly depending on their length and the size of the studio that you join. It also offers some advice and experiences from other kinds of placements such as Erasmus and campus placements like the Gatehouse. I really enjoyed this little project and It gave me a chance to reflect on my time on placement and see how much my understanding has evolved, hopefully my guide will help other students for years to come.